Hearing Aids

At Advanced Hearing Clinic, we are able to work with and provide our clients with all hearing aid manufacturers. All manufacturers (generally) offer several styles/models of hearing aids. Custom hearing aids are molded specifically to the users ear. To order this type of hearing aid, an ear impression must be made and sent to the manufacturer. Behind-the-ear/Receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids fit behind the ear and have a wire or tube that sits flush to the users head. It attaches to a piece the fits into the users ear.Each style/model has its own advantages/disadvantages and should be determined on a case-by-case basis. Factors that should be considered, when choosing the best style/model for the user, are severity/type/configuration of hearing loss, manual dexterity, lifestyle, cosmetic. It is best to speak with your A.uD/H.I.S. to determine which style is best suited for you.


The different models are as follows:

IIC (Invisible in the canal)

CIC (Completely in the canal)

ITE (In the ear)

RIC/RITE (Receiver in the canal/receiver in the ear)

BTE (Behind the ear)

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