Assistive listening devices assist those who have difficulty hearing in certain listening situations such as watching TV, speaking on the phone, and in auditoriums/rooms with poor acoustics. Each hearing aid manufacturer offers their own ALD to help with these common listening situations. Advanced Hearing Clinic offers these accessories at no charge (with purchase of hearing aids). For those who do not need/want hearing aids, there are still ALDs that can help without linking to hearing aids.See below for some examples of our ALDs:

These devices wirelessly connect the hearing aids to your cell phone so that the phone calls stream into your hearing aids, instead of holding the phone up to your ear. It creates a better listening situation for both the caller and the receiver.

These devices wirelessly connect the hearing aids to the television so that, as soon as you turn your TV on, you can hear the sound from the TV directly into your hearing aids.

These types of devices help the listener to focus on the speaker. This is especially helpful when there is poor acoustics in the room (auditorium) or lots of background noise (restaurant).